What’s love got to do with it

What's love got to do with it? was a line in a love song sung by Tina Turner. We don't know the answer yet, just as people can't make up their minds about gambling. Very few people are entirely ambivalent toward gambling in casinos. They mostly either love it or hate it. If people find it difficult to decide if gambling (or gaming) is morally acceptable, still less do they know just what to think about Internet gambling. It's new, it's dynamic, it's fun but will it lead to more problem gamblers (those people who can't handle gambling like alcoholics can't handle drink), and legions of underage gamblers queuing up to play? To find an answer is not going to be easy. Along the lines of "When in Rome, do as the Romans do" could help to ease the difficulty of making a quick decision. If contemplation is the art of figuring things out in leisurely fashion, a stress-busting way to think things over (if only to clear your mind beforehand)
While you consider whether any of the girls would have been picked to star in "Shakespeare in Love," you can at least admire the shape and form of some exceptional adult females, who will welcome you warmly at this new online casino. There are of course many female gamblers today and they are just as active on the Internet. Let's hope some seductive girls, whose main aim is not to entice but to inspire, will not put them off. Gamblers need to draw on Lady Luck. They are prepared to risk all against opponents who have a built-in bias working in their favor, in the form of the house advantage. Gamblers need to be brave. Why not supply some encouragement at the outset, just as in mediaeval times, a lady would throw a handkerchief to the knight she supported as her champion?
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